Yugoslavia Railways Class 461

Yugoslavia Railways Class 461

This series is originally based on a locomotive type built by the Swedish company ASEA, later made with license by the Electroputere Craiova works for the Romanian Railways starting in 1965, called the EA series, with a similar design made for the Norwegian Railways, the El 15. The 103 electric locomotives had been produced by Electroputere from Craiova in two subseries for Yugoslav Railway. The first subseries, JŽ 461-0 consisted of 45 locomotives built from 1971 to 1973. The second subseries, JŽ 461-1 was built from 1978 until 1980, and it consisted of 58 locomotives. Romania delivered to Yugoslavia a number of 103 Co’Co locomotives of the 461 JŽ series. These locomotives were made in exchange for a number of JŽ series 441 based units, made by RK Zagreb and MIN Niš for the CFR, delivered between 1973 and 1984 and known as the EC series in the CFR classification.
After the dissolution of Yugoslavia, 461 classes have remained in service with the railways of Serbia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia. Today, there are 46 locomotives operated by Serbian Railways. Most Serbian locomotives were passed to the cargo division in 2015, with 5 units retained for passenger trains on the Belgrade-Bar line. Railway transport of Montenegro operates 10 and Montecargo 8 locomotives of class 461, is the only electric locomotive operated in Montenegro. This series is mainly used on Belgrade–Bar railway by both Serbian and Montenegrin railways. Six locomotives of the 461 series are operated by Macedonian Railways, with two of them modernized and thyristorized to series 462.
Originally, 461 series locomotives were painted in gray livery with blue base and line, at the time the standard livery for EA series electrics in Romania. Overhauled Montenegrin locomotives are painted in red and yellow with white stripes, with ‘Željeznice Crne Gore A.D.’ inscription in them, and, the non-overhauled ones are painted in red and blue, with white stripes. All refurbished class 461 locomotives of Serbian Railways have red and greyish-blue livery, which is the same as for other electric locomotives operated – 441 and 444 series.

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Adrii_95 : 3D work, textures, sound, script
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