2TE10 Soviet mainline locomotives

2TE10 Soviet mainline locomotives

This mod includes various of Soviet mainline diesel locomotives 2TE10. This loco family was produced from 1961 to 2007, and it includes a lot of different modifications.

2TE10L was built to replace the TE3 locos at the Soviet Railways. It had the same stats as 2TE10 locos, but the body construction was another.

TEP10L is a passenger locomotive based on 2TE10L. Despite original loco had 2 sections, TEP10L was 1-section locomotive with one cabin – quite unusual solution for Soviet locomotives. This locomotive got new reductors, which also used at TEP10 locos, so its maximum speed was increased up to 140kmh. Also, it was possible to use two locos as DMU, which gives twice power.

2TE10V was built in 1975. It got a new cabin – the same as 2TE116, as well as new bogies and electric engines.

3TE10V is an experimental locomotive that was built in 1978. This is the first loco of TE10 family which got the buster section.

2TE10M is the next modification of 2TE10 family. The main differences here is a possibility to control 3 locos from one cabin (DMU), new electrical and mechanical equipment, and better working place for the driver.

3TE10M is the same as 2TE10M, but with buster.

4TE10S was built especially for Baikal-Amur railway in 1983. These locos had 4 sections, so this is the most powerful locomotive of TE10 family.

2TE10U is the last base modification of the TE10 family. This locomotive got new electrical equipment, updated diesel engine 10D100M2, and new large windows in engine room – again the same as 2TE116.

3TE10U is the same as 2TE10U, but with buster.

2TE10UT is a passenger modification of the 2TE10U locomotive. It has new reductors and increased maximum speed, as well as additional pneumatic brakes.

2TE10UK is a modernization of the 2TE10U loco. It’s the main difference is a diesel engine 5D49 – the same as 2TE116 has.

3TE10UK is the same as 2TE10UK, but with buster.

2TE10MK is a modernization of 2TE10M. It’s the main difference is a diesel engine 5D49 – the same as 2TE116.

3TE10MK is the same as 2TE10MK, but with buster.

2TE10MD is a modernization of the 2TE10 locomotive. It looks very unusual for Soviet and Russian locos – because of its new American engine by General Electric.

This pack includes 19 locomotives (11 modifications and various liveries):
2TE10L (1961-1977)
2TE10V (1975-1981)
2TE10M, 3TE10M (1981-1990)
2TE10U, 3TE10U (1989-…)
2TE10UT (1989-…)
2TE10M-K, 3TE10M-K (2000-2010-…)
2TE10UK, 3TE10UK (2000-2010-…)

Model features:
Realistic model
High-quality full-PBR textures
19 locomotives at once + 6 more vehicles for Patrons!
3 lods level
Unique sounds
Textures of the dirt and rust
DDS textures

Mod creators are not responsible for the mod and game performance. Use this mod at your own risk.

AleX_BY, old

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