Burlington EMD SD9 Mega Pack

Burlington EMD SD9 Mega Pack

Credit to ISkeetskeet for again the amazing screenshots!
The penultimate SD-9’s
Welcome back to the soon-to-be-completed series of the SD9’s! We have the CB&Q, Burlington Northern, and Burlington Northern Santa Fe SD-9 pack!

Just like my other SD packs, they are significantly edited and modified Urban Games GP-7 models to fit the SD series.

The Diesel Shop
– 3 different skin series CB&Q, Burlington Northern, and BNSF schemes.

CB&Q Road Numbers
– #842 & 6130

Burlington Northern Road Numbers
– #’s 6102, 6103, 6111, 6145, 6150, 6156, 6157, 6161, 6184, 6188, 6200, 6234, 6240, & 6241
– A mixture of both High nose and Chop nose locomotives.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe
-#’s 1722, 1725, 6108, 6128, 6132, 6138, 6143, & 6146
– Again, Mixture of both High and chop nose locomotives.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe patch Units
-#’s 1728, 6162, 6185, & 6198.
– Yeap again a mixture of High and Chop nose locomotives.

– All road numbers have corresponding reverse, non-crew forward, and reverse units! (NC).
– Total of 112 units!
– Model Citizen Couplers
– Sounds by Mr. Cheesecake – You need the 567 Common Sound pack to hear these rolling down your Marias Pass
– 4 Camera angles around the cab. All are relatively close to each other.

– Date of Appearance- 1954

Burlington Northern
– Date of Appearance- 1970

– Date of Appearance- 1996
– Speed – 65 MPH
– Tractive Effort – 77,500 Lbs
– Horsepower – 1,750
– Weight – 180 Tons.

When will these SD’s end?
I’m getting close to being done with this series of SD7/9 locomotives. Next up will be the Baltimore and Ohio SD7/9 pack. Won’t be nearly as large as the past few previous packs. After that, the semi user-friendly version for everyone else who wishes to make their own roads for these locos will become available. From there, I know I said I was going to start working on Geeps, but I’m honestly tired of looking at this model and working on the revised Geeps. It’s pretty much looking at the same model… Just shorter… So I’m going to turn back over to working on some steam. First, up will be the B&O Thatcher Perkins & variations! Anyway…. Enjoy the pack! Thank you to Everyone who has helped me get this far… It will only get better, especially when I get back to working on my own ground-up models!

Neighbor Kid

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