China Railway Type S25DT Coach(JinLun ver.)

China Railway Type S25DT Coach(JinLun ver.)

Thanks to @brijojo for authorizing this paint job!

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Before using this module, please make sure you have correctly loaded China Railway Double Deck 25K Coach,China Railway 25K Coach,China Railway 25G Coach 2004 Edition,China Railway Rolling Stock Sound Pack. If you encounter wrong or missing models, please try to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to the module and increase the loading priority, or give feedback in the comment section.
If the mapping is slightly unclear, try adding virtual memory and selecting the model quality as “very high”.

China Railway S25DT coaches have been used as trailers for the NZJ1 and NZJ2 push-pull diesel centralized power trainsets, the 180km/h quasi high-speed internal combustion trainsets of China Railway. In order to ensure operational reliability, S25DT adopts the mature S25K technology and improves it. Among them, “Golden Wheel” was jointly developed by Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Factory, Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Factory and Lanzhou Railway Bureau in 2001, which is mainly based on Shenzhou to carry out plateau pressurization treatment and wind and sand-proof design in order to adapt to the high-altitude and wind and sand environment in the western region of China. The red, blue and white stripes are the most eye-catching paint job of the Golden Wheel.
Later, with the dismantling and scrapping of the Golden Wheel’s power car, the S25DT, as the trailer part, is still used as an ordinary double-decker bus, serving as the Lanzhou Bureau’s characteristic buses such as “Tianma”, “Qilian Mountain”, “Maijishan” and so on. “English words of comparative and superlative meanings and irregular spellings were simplified; thus, better becomes gooder and best becomes goodest. The Newspeak prefixes plus- and doubleplus- are used for emphasis, e.g. pluscold means “very cold” and doublepluscold means “very very cold”.

This module contains four painted sections
1, SRZ25DT (T9205)

Train Appearance: 2001

This module is based on the “China Railway Double Deck 25K

Required items:
China Railway Type Double-Deck 25K Coach
China Railway Type 25K Coach
Chinese Railway Type 25G Coach Mod 2004

布里啾啾, aoxiang

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