CIWL Steel coaches Base Set

CIWL Steel coaches Base Set

Companie Internationale des Wagons-Lits et des grands express Europeans.
Founded in 1866, the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits became the largest sleeping-coaches and rail catering in the world for almost 80 years, having a monopoly on all Europe and Mid-East. The CIWL trains became the reference on hotel-trains and luxury trains, providing most of the international services among European countries. The company owned a huge rolling stock of almost 1800 coaches at the same time, being the most common since 1922 the Steel series.

S series 1922
Introduced to replace the wooden bogie coaches, this model was the first steel model used by the CIWL, being a re-desing of the 1910s CIWL models. Adding Y-2 Pensylvania bogies, those coaches were authorized to run up to 130 or 140km/h, depending on the country. First introduced for services on France, Germany and Austria, after the introduction of the Lx and Y series there were moved to CIWL services that run on Southern Europe. Finally, in 1950s those coaches were reformed and sent to CIWL services in Spain, Portugal and Greece, where they ran until late 80s.

LX and Pullman Express series 1926
Designed in mid 20s, the Pullman coaches became the most luxury coaches used on the CIWL. First introduced for the most important trains on CIWL such as Orient Express or the Train Bleu. During the late 20s, those coaches were used for most of French and central European services. This model was divided into Pullman-Express coaches,(the Salon cars, restaurants and 1st and 2nd coaches used for daylight CIWL services) and the Lx(Voiture-lits de Luxe) that were the Sleeping coaches.

Y series 1930
Introduced in 1930, the Y series was a modernized S model, with a steel chassis and new interiors. This was the largest series on CIWL with more than 250 coaches built. After WWII they replaced the S series on most services and also were the base for the design of the U 1950 series.

Breda Y series 1946
Built from 1946, the Breda coaches were a series of modified Y series restaurant cars, where two of the doors were removed. This way, the coach had a larger storage area. Those Breda restaurants were used on France and Italy CIWL services such as Train Bleu or Riviera Napoli. After 1971, those Breda coaches were sold to SNCF and FS where they run untill mid 90s.

Specificities :
Available from : from 1922
Top speed (km/h) : 130km/h
Weight (t) : 38 to 54 tons

Mod specs :
High-res DDS texture
Dirt and rust texture also available
Assets with height settings available[/list]

RaptorArk, Licaon90, jorgenb96

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