Early Rail #4: Railway Mania

Early Rail #4: Railway Mania

This is a series of mods that opens up 50 years worth of gameplay. In conjunction with the Early Start mod, you can now start in 1800 with a full roster of vehicles. Each of these mods can function separately, and the whole set is not required.

Railway Mania
In the 1830s, Railway Mania was in full swing. New lines were popping up everywhere, and new locomotives were being built in large numbers in some of the first Classes.

This pack contains 9 locomotives and a complete set of rolling stock. The locomotives are as follows:
Planet (1830)
Bury 2-2-0 (1831)
Patentee (1833)
Forrester 2-2-0 (1834)
Patentee (1835)
Lion 0-4-2 (1837)
Norris 4-2-0 (1837)
Patentee (1838)
Hurricane (1839)

Required items:
Early Start

Steve Emfore

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