East Japan’s rail company EMUs sound MOD

East Japan’s rail company EMUs sound MOD

This is sound enhancement MOD for various JR East and East Japan area company EMUs. Currently, it is compatible with JR East Series 701 and 215, Odakyu Series 7000 and 1000, Keio Series 5000 and 8000, etc. This will include trains in Hokkaido. The JR-East 209, E231 series, etc. are provided as separate mods.

This sound mod applies to the use of some (or all) of the following mods. JR East’s trains will mainly cover express and regional lines.

JR-East 215 series (by Pz.kpfw.7)
JR-East 701 series (by Pz.kpfw.7)
JR-East E657 series (by Pz.kpfw.7)
Odakyu 20000 series RSE (by Pz.kpfw.7)
Odakyu 7000 series LSE (by Pz.kpfw.7)
Odakyu 7000 series LSE Refurb.(original by Pz.kpfw.7, repainted by kijioijin)
Odakyu 1000 series (by Pz.kpfw.7)
Odakyu 5000 series (by Pz.kpfw.7)
Odakyu 9000 series (by Pz.kpfw.7)
Keio 5000 series (by Pz.kpfw.7)
Keio 8000 series (by Pz.kpfw.7)
Sotetsu 12000 series (by YOMITI)
Tokyo metro 6000 series (by Pz.kpfw.7)
Tokyo metro 7000 series (by Pz.kpfw.7)

Thanks to the original authors of these mods.

August 1, 2022 update: Added support for Odakyu Series 5000 and 9000; fixed the whistle volume setting for Series 701. And removed some unnecessary files.

Update on September 8, 2022: Support for the Tokyo metro 6000 and 7000 Series, also support for the JRE 701 Series remade version.

The January 10, 2023 update supports Pz7’s E657 series and adds options to select parameters such as speed and power on the mod activation screen. As an example, the E657 Series can be set to a maximum speed of 130 km/h, the operating speed.

In addition, the music horns of the E657 series are made from Niconi Commons materials. Note that the E657 series door opening and closing sounds are substituted with sound effects that do not include the announcement voice.

The GTO-VVVF software was modified in the 2000s for the Odakyu 1000. In this mod, the 6-car and 4-car formations have the modified GTO-VVVF sound, while the 8-car and 10-car formations have the original sound.

Of the Keio 5000 Series, the 5070 Series uses a nose suspension drive sound.


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