Expanded Cargo Demands (Dynamic Growth) TF2

Expanded Cargo Demands (Dynamic Growth) TF2

TLDR: This mod adds additional demands to cities as time passes and your cities grow.

Alternative Versions:

> Static Version – 4 items per city. (My favorite)
> Static Version – 6 items per city.
> Dynamic Version – 1850: 2 items, 1920: 4 items, 1990: 6 items.
> Progressive Version – 1850: 2 food/construction, 1920: + tools/fuel, 1990: + goods/machines.


Compatible with Industry Diversity by Magnetic Reaper
– Adds new resource chains and city demands
Compatible with Industry Expanded by Col0Korn
– Adds new resource chains

Third-party compatible mods that include residential demands, will increase the number of items demanded by the cities, additional industrial/commercial goods will stick within the set limit of 2,4 or 6 max per city

Industry mods that use only the base products for city supply are compatible by default, however mods adding products can be made compatible by the mod author – see info at the bottom of the description for more details.

This mod is not compatible with other mods that make changes to townbuildingutil.lua

In 1850 you will start with 2 per city, as normal.   From approx 1920 an additional 2 demands will begin to form in your cities

Building capacity and the primary item will determine the new demand(s)

* Level 1 buildings have a

80% chance of default item, 20% of a secondary item

* Level 2 buildings have a

50% chance of default item, 50% of a secondary item

* Level 3 buildings have a

33% chance of a default, 33% chance of 2 items and 33% chance of 1 secondary item.

* Level 4 buildings accept 2 items, based on the primary demand (x or y)

This allows a maximum of 4 items in total being demanded by the city.

From approx 1990 all demands will begin to form in your cities

Building capacity will determine the item(s)

* Level 1 buildings accept one of any item
* Level 2 buildings accept one of any item
* Level 3 buildings accept 2 items (x or y)
* Level 4 buildings accept 3 items (x or y or z)


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