Fantasia Map Generator

Fantasia Map Generator

This mod adds a new map generator to the temperate climate. The Fantasia Map Generator is built up from the ground with the goal to generate unique, interesting, varied, and challenging maps allowing (and requiring) usage of the street, rail, water, and air vehicles. The generator attempts to combine a lot of different features into one map, so you no longer have to choose between alpine rivers, dry mesas, and tropical islands, because this generator has it all (mostly). Different parts of the map will look and play differently and have their own identity and recognizability. A lot is also configurable, so you can tune the map generation to your own preferences.

By including this many features into one generator, the outcomes can sometimes be unpredictable, unrealistic, or extremely hard. This is by design, since the generator is mostly aimed at people looking for new challenges or some variety from the default map generators, which are absolutely great by themselves.

How to Use
To use this generator, you simply have to subscribe to this mod. It will then be available in the map generation screen.

If you want to use the generator in the map editor, you’ll also have to enable it in the mod settings when entering the editor.

I can highly recommend combining this mod with the temperate climate retexture (“Snow Tops”) feature of Not So Temperate Generator (which can be turned on and off in the mod settings of that mod).

The generator works by creating different layers and combining them into one. This can lead to some layers being more or less prevalent at random. It is therefore recommended to try out different seeds since the result can vary a lot. Below is a summary of the main features.

There will be lakes with uneven shores and small islands scattered across the map. Unlike in the default generator, these lakes are not necessarily attached to rivers.
The amount and size of lakes are configurable.

Rivers work very differently from the default generator. They can start and end within the map instead of just going straight through it. They can also vary in length, width, and curvature and feed into each other. Rivers also just don’t end by disappearing but will end in an estuary. When multiple rivers are generated, it is possible that they cross over each other. This is of course not very realistic but combined with the lakes, it creates interesting new ways for ship gameplay.
The amount of rivers is configurable.

Mountains are generated in different layers. Single-high peaks, average-height mountains, and mountain ranges. Through the combination of these layers, new mountain shapes and sometimes massive peaks can appear. Generally, mountains will be more varied in size and shape than in the default generator.
The amount and height of mountains are configurable.

Some mesas will be scattered across the map, meaning there can also be steep cliffs on lower parts of the map. These mesas will usually be reachable and traversable from some directions.

Coastal Features
How the coastline looks will greatly vary on different parts of the map. They can appear as canyons similar to the ones in the dry climate. There can be very flat coastal planes, allowing for easy water access. But there can also be huge cliffs and river valleys meandering through the map.
The number of canyons and cliffs is configurable.

Elevation Variety
The elevation variety is generally bigger than in the default generator. High-elevation areas will not be limited to cliffs on mountain ranges. There will also be plateaus and flat areas on higher elevations, giving the possibility to spawn towns and industries high up.
The amount of high-elevation areas and plateaus is configurable.

Flattened Areas
Since the amount of terrain features is quite big, some random areas will be flattened to at least have a few areas where building towns and infrastructure is easy. They are essential for planning, but can appear anywhere on the map, even high up in the mountains.
The amount of these areas is configurable

Forest Variety
Forests in this generator come in big and small, low density and high density, and with different shapes and trees, generally allowing for a wider variety of tree cover. The amount and density of trees will decrease with higher elevation.
The amount of forests is configurable.

This generator has relatively few restrictions on what it exactly can generate. This means you’ll find weird, unique, and interesting shapes within the terrain. It was a goal to leave these in, since I think it’s pretty cool to have actual geological landmarks on a map. It of course also has the downside that some parts might look a bit too weird sometimes. But hey, there is always the in-game terraforming tool.

Reporting Bugs/Feature Requests
If you like or dislike something with the generator or if you have an amazing idea of what else could be implemented, feel free to leave a comment in the section below (in English if possible). I’ll definitely have a look at them.


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  1. Sharyna says:


    I just recently find this mod but I already love it so much!
    The new landscapes I got were amazing to build.

    I’d like to ask a little thing.
    Could be the size of the rivers configurable? Or a way to generate more but thiner rivers?
    I mean I generated a lot of map but whatever way I set up the rivers if I pushed to the max, they became like a lake, but if I kept lower, only just a few were on the map. I love to build my cities around rivers but the way the generator create them makes them too tick in average for the city to expand through it.


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