EMP: Heavy Cargo Challenge (calculated cargo weight)

EMP: Heavy Cargo Challenge (calculated cargo weight)

Combine this mod with others from my modpack to change your experience even more.

What does this mod do?
All Vehicles get a maximal transport volume and transport weight
All cargo types get a cargo mass based on reality
Instead of showing cargo in volume, this mod will change it to its weight, so if a wagon can carry 50 units, it can carry real 50t
The demand of towns will be recalculated based on cargo mass, too. So, heavy cargo will lead to more demand in towns.
Production of all industry x2
Bulk cargo will no longer be visual fully loaded. If a cargo type has a high mass and the max. The allowed weight would be exceeded, cargo volume will be visually lower, too. (for example iron)
The production chain of steel altered as it is the by far the heaviest cargo
Optional mod-setting to change the unit to “loading volume” (beware: heavy cargo will result in very little loading capacity for all vehicles!)

Game Balance
Steel! So far, it doesn’t matter which cargo you transported. With real masses of cargo, it gets more complicated. Especially, steel will play a bigger role. Some of you will like it but still play with ease. Others, however, will see a very big logistical challenge when trying to make the steel chain work.

Real payload and loading volume for trucks and trains are based on information across the internet. There is a plan to release a table with those values used in this mod. Until then, the lua-file is located under res/scripts/pmv_heavycargochallenge/vehiclecapacities.lua
The values are mostly from reliable sources, some from not-so-reliable sources, and a view are just guessed. Tips about wrong values would be nice, but please with reliable sources. I would also be very happy if you lively discuss them in the discussion area.

Vehicle mods need 2 new values inside of their “transportVehicle” definition.
Vehicle mods without those values will somehow work, too. But, there will be a default value calculated based on the normal capacity definition. This calculation is pure guess and so the final capacity of that vehicle can be totaly off and then it will break the game balance.
If your favorite vehicle has no correct values, but you know the real payload and loading volume of it, tell it to me. When I find time, I will add the values to this mod, too.

A vehicle with varied compartment definitions is currently not supported, such as different wagons per one vehicle definition. An error message will be displayed on load. Please disable vehicle-mod for now.

Known script mods with new or changed industries should work. I have only briefly tested them and added masses for their cargo types to these mods, but that should be enough:
Industry Expanded (with Add-On)
Yeol’s Senseless Industries
Industry Diversity
Unknown mods with new or changed industries work, or crash. There is a good chance the game work, but if the other mod adds goods, these goods have to be known by my mod, too. Added industries that will need steel, silver, or copper should be already changed by this mod and should work. But better to test and confirm first.

Of course, 2 mods that change the vehicle capacities will collide. So in most cases, the last loaded mod will win and defines the final capacities.

Other mods should always work as intended.

Can I remove or add this mod to an existing save?
Short: not intended!
Long: This mod is per design only for new savegames and when removed from that savegame, production chains will break. TPF2 have not crashed on testing, but while vehicles are auto. Updated, this is not the case for buildings. If you really have to, here is my tip: use the sandbox-mod to update all industries per hand and check all lines against capacity changes. Towns will only change over time.

Part of Economy Modding Pack


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