NS SGMm sprinter 2.0 Mod

NS SGMm sprinter 2.0 Mod

The Stadsgewestelijk Materieel or SGM (English – Suburban Equipment or City Regional rolling stock) is an electric multiple unit (EMU) train type operated by the Dutch railway company Nederlandse Spoorwegen. They were built from 1975 to 1983 by Talbot.The trains have fast acceleration as distances between stations were short, so they needed to be able to speed up and brake quickly. The original idea was for them to be able to operate on the Amsterdam Metro network, so third rail would be needed as well as overhead pick-up, however in 1969 this idea was dropped. Their maximum speed is 125 km/h. The two-car units could accelerate from 0–125 km/h in 72 seconds. Each coach has 3 doors on each side, to allow for quick loading and unloading.
!Important! This mod is a upgraded and improved version of the NS sgm, I strongly recommend to unsubscribe from the old one and use this one.This version has better graphical performance and reduced ram usage. And comes whit extra veriants.
Included multiple units:
Algemeen Dagblad (2) 1994-2006
Citypendel (2) 1997-2006
Strandsprinter (2) 1997-2006
delta lloyd (2) 1997-2006
SGM (2) & SGM (3) 1975-2006
SGMm (2) & SGMm (3) 2003
* Reversible
* Interior
* Visible passengers
* Animated doors
* Working destination display
* Working lights for night mod
Specs SGM 2/3 – SGMm 2/3:
cost: €5.73/6.98 – 5.86/7.17 M
top speed: 120 – 125 km/h
power: 1280 kW
tractive effort: 160 – 200 kN
capacity: 52/73 – 52/73
loading speed: 12/16 – 12/18 x
weight: 106/142 – 106/142 t
length: 51 – 77 m
running cost: €954/1160 – €976/1200 K/year
lifespan: 40 years
available from: 1975 – 2003
available until: 2006 – —

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