Class 1000 Shinkansen test railcar Mod

Class 1000 Shinkansen test railcar Mod

Class 1000 (1000-shaped Shinkansen trial trains-[1000 type Shinkansen test railcar] or [Class 1000] / I'm not sure which translation is correct since I've seen both of them in different pics.) Was the classification given to the two prototype Japanese Shinkansen trains built for high-speed testing. This pack includes series 0 shinkansen with class 1000's liveries.
It was built in 1962 as an advanced experimental vehicle before mass production of the Tokaido Shinkansen 0 Series. There are two versions of the two-car group and the four-car group. This coating kit gives the 0-series Shinkansen its 1000-shaped test vehicle.
-Set A: 256kph?
The first car to be built, 1001, was delivered on 16 April 1962 from Tokyo Kisha's factory in Kōtō, Tokyo, and transferred by road and rail to Nippon Sharyo's Warabi factory in Kawaguchi, Saitama on 17 April. The two-car set A was then unveiled to the press at Nippon Sharyo on 25 April 1962.
-In June 1962, experiments were started in the Duck Palace experimental area. In July of the same year, the train speed reached 110 km / h. In August, Group A added observation wells and became a wireline test vehicle.
-Set B: 256kph
A speed of 200 km / h (124 mph) was first recorded on 31 October 1962 by set B, 210 km / h (130 mph) was reached on 20 December 1962, 243 km / h (151 mph) was recorded on 19 March 1963, and on 30 March 1963, set B recorded a world speed record of 256 km / h (159 mph).
-On March 30, 1963, a speed increase test was conducted. Group B set a maximum speed of 256km / h for the EMU (then).
Next may be one of them:
–Class 941: from class 1000 (set A).
–Class 925: (200 series type)
925/0 (Set S1): 7-car set owned by JR East. Delivered in 1979 and withdrawn in 2001.
925/10 (Set S2): 7-car set owned by JR East. Converted from former Class 962 test train in 1982 and withdrawn in 2002.
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